About Active Community Housing

Active operates across Victoria and was formed in 1996 to provide housing to people with disabilities as well as to be a housing partner for community support organisations. Active also undertakes our own development projects to expand the accommodation we can provide to our client group.


Originally established to provide community housing solely for people with disabilities, Active has expanded its operations to include other disadvantaged groups and those on a low income. We also provide tenancy and property management services to a range government and non government agencies that provide support and training services people with disabilities.

Active is governed by a voluntary board of directors with extensive community sector knowledge, project development, legal and financial skills. Any surplus made by Active is reinvested in the organisation to achieve our vision to expand the stock of secure affordable housing which we can offer to people with disabilities and others.

The Active board and staff team are passionate about providing affordable and appropriate housing to people with a disability with the help of our community partners providing secure long term tenancies for our clients.

Working in partnership with support and transitional agencies, accommodation seekers, and property owners and operators, Active provides and manages long term housing options. Its dedicated staff ensures that Active clients are able to choose and access housing options that best match their needs and enhance their full participation in the community.

Our partner agencies can then do what they do best – provide support for their clients – without having to divert vital resources to the time consuming and often difficult task of property management.
Where Active tenants are not linked with an agency we can assist them and their carers with advice and referrals to support providers.

Tenants must be eligible for Public Housing within the guidelines set out by The Office of Housing, or be receiving or be eligible to receive a Disability Support Pension.