Active Mission

Active and our stakeholder partners are committed to providing high quality community housing and
support to people with disabilities, low income earners and other disadvantaged groups across Victoria.
The company is skilled in providing housing to people with disabilities and people with complex needs. Together with our community partners we bring together housing and support to assist our tenants to achieve secure housing and full participation in community life.
In recent years we have moved to developing housing projects with our aim to provide 500 high quality housing units across Victoria. This includes shared supported accommodation, small rooming houses and community housing dwellings.

Active Community Housing Ltd Company Object (3.1 in the Active constitution)

“The objects of the Company are to provide affordable rental housing, property management and tenancy support to tenants who experience disability, mental illness, ageing, low income or other factors”

Active tenants helping out in the kitchen.

Active Vision Statement:

The vision of Active is a future where all people have access to affordable housing of choice in communities that embrace and celebrate participation and quality of life for all.

Active Mission Statement:

The mission of Active is to achieve quality of life outcomes for people who experience disability or other disadvantage by:

  • Strong governance and inclusive management policies
  • Implementation of quality business practices to achieve sustainable tenancies;
  • Delivery of affordable, accessible and appropriately maintained housing;
  • Empowerment of tenants through the provision of both individual and collective development and through inclusive decision-making structures;
  • Collaboration with the community and others, including government, to achieve community and sector aspirations for housing and disability;
  • Research and advocacy projects to further Active’s vision; and
  • Allied business activities to resource the achievement of Active’s mission