Active Mission

Active was developed as an initiative of the Victorian disability sector in 1998. Our mission is to provide high quality housing and related services to people with disabilities who require support to live independently in the community.

Active has remained committed to this core mission and is the only registered housing agency solely dedicated to providing housing for people with disabilities and their families.

Our company is skilled in providing housing to people with complex needs. With our community partners we bring together housing and support to assist our tenants to achieve secure, affordable housing and full participation in community life.

We develop housing projects with our aim to provide 500 high quality housing units across Victoria. Our dwellings include Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), community housing and small rooming houses.

Increasingly, we also provide services including: home modifications, project management, assistive technology consultation, and property and tenancy management to people with disabilities, families and local community groups across Victoria.

Active Community Housing Ltd Company Object (3.1 in the Active constitution)

“The objects of the Company are to provide affordable rental housing, property management and tenancy support to tenants who experience disability, mental illness, ageing, low income or other factors”

Active tenants helping out in the kitchen.

Active Vision Statement:

The vision of Active is a future where all people with disabilities have access to affordable housing of choice in communities that embrace and celebrate participation and quality of life for all.

Active Services:

Active has traditionally fulfilled our mission by providing long term community housing, rooming house and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to people with disabilities. Each Active dwelling is linked to community support partner. The Directors and management team have taken strategic decisions in 2017 to expand the services we can provide to people with disabilities and their families across Victoria.

Many of these services will be part of the NDIS roll out and include:

  • Home modifications and assistive technology delivery through our ‘Better Homes Better Lives”  service
  • Property and tenancy management of SDA and other disability accommodation for private sector and community sector partners
  • Assistive technology: consultation and advice
  • Active small housing projects delivering SDA homes for our tenants with complex disabilities
  • Project management – design, construct and deliver SDA and community housing dwellings for partners and family groups
  • Blended – community housing and SDA housing with Haven Home Safe and potentially other partners.