March 23, 2018


We are getting more calls from organisations who are looking for an SDA manager who can take care of all the NDIS SDA tenancy and property management requirements as well as all the NDIS and DHHS reporting.












Active was developed in 1998 by the community disability sector to provide a trusted tenancy and property management service. We have remained committed to our core mission since that time. We work with our community partners to ensure people with disabilities receive appropriate property and tenancy management. We are committed to the housing rights of people with disabilities whilst understanding the perspective and investment made by community and private owners.

With the advent of the NDIS we are increasingly working with private developers who want to provide high quality SDA accommodation and have their investment protected and grow in value.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy to make sure properties are designed and fitted to achieve SDA enrollment
  • Developing partnerships with the approved Disability Support Agency (also known as Supported Independent Living or SIL)
  • Performing all State and Commonwealth compliance requirements under the Act to operate a “residential service”
  • Performing tenant (participant) selection duties as prescribed the Victorian DHHS and NDIS requirements
  • Compliance with all NDIS rules in relation to operating Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Establishing and maintaining tenancy agreements with NDIS SDA approved participants
  • Offering tenant support and advice
  • Assisting the SIL with dispute resolution
  • Performing property management in accordance with agreed protocols and charges
  • Rent collection and account recording
  • Providing monthly dwelling by dwelling finance and maintenance recording including: income, property expenses, maintenance, management fees and balance held by Active on behalf of investor

If you would like to discuss further or find out more about our services, please contact John Carter, NDIS Manager at