Trades & Contractor Expression of Interest

Active is a non-profit housing company providing housing for people with disabilities and their families. Active manages community houses, rooming houses and staffed community residential units. The people we house generally have disabilities and have Centrelink based incomes. Our funds for maintenance are derived from our resident rents. Active seeks to obtain value and quality for the $3m we spend annually on trades, contractors, white goods and other items across Victoria. This work is responsive and planned maintenance and upgrades in domestic dwellings.

Please complete the following EOI form to outline:

1. Your company details
2. The trades or services you offer
3. The region(s) you work in
4. Your availability, office hours, after hours and weekends
5. The hourly rates you will offer for 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Once we receive you completed form we will contact you within 21 days to discuss your EOI and advise if you will be offered a contract to be placed on the Active approved trades and contractors list.

The next step will be to complete the Active contractor agreement, provide Active with appropriate documents confirming insurances, trade qualifications etc so you can be placed on the approved trades list in our myData maintenance management system. You will have the opportunity to review the rates you offer Active on an annual basis. If you are not on the approved list our staff will not be authorised to commission you to do work for Active.

1. Contractor Details

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2. Trades & Services Offered

Select your trade from the list below. If you offer more than one trade, please indicate so in the additional information box below .

Additional information, trades or a brief description of services you offer:

3. Area & Region you provide services to

What region(s) of Victoria do you provide services to? If you service more than one region please indicate so in the additional information box below.

Please briefly outline the particular suburbs or districts you cover:

4. Availability for Work

Please indicate below the days and times you are usually available for work.

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5. Rates & Pricing

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If you require any further information please email or call Peter Feltham, Manager of Maintenance and Projects on (03) 9314 8555.