October 20, 2014

Phill Drury – Avid Foodie & Active Tenant.


Active Community Housing Tenant Phill Drury can be found anywhere from Geelong to Ballarat, or Traralgon, or any point in between, given that his guide – now in it’s fourth edition – currently covers 109 accessible eateries across Victoria.

“It occurred to me that wheelchair-bound people may be interested in visiting provincial cities and towns throughout Victoria, and would have to wonder about the accessibility to cafes, restaurants and hotel bistros. I decided to undertake some research and write a guidebook.”

Phill points out that this is not just a guide for wheelchair users, but for all foodies because it also includes food quality, service provision, price range, payment methods, hours of business and decor.

“As a somewhat self-confessed food critic, on the one hand, I’ve tried to be fair to eatery owners and chefs; on the other hand, I’ve been honest in my palete’s evaluation of the food served”, says Phill.

Phill has created his guidebook a community service project, so it’s free to anyone who wants to view it. Follow the link below to view Phill’s guidebook.

View Eating Out on Wheels Ed.4