Active currently has 1,100 people on our waiting list at January 2018 and we cannot accept new applications at this time. We will review this position in June 2018.

We are sorry to make this decision as we always worked to provide an open transparent process for any person with a disability who wants to access our housing.

Active Community Housing provides long term accommodation for people with disabilities and their families. We do not have many vacancies as our tenants rarely move on to other accommodation so we only have a few vacancies per year.

We are working with all stakeholders including banks, governments and families to develop more resources to expand the supply of housing to people with disabilities and their families.

We hope to be able to recommence taking housing application in June 2018 or alternatively to be using the Victorian Housing Register (VHR) as a one stop shop for us to take applications. The VHR is being established by the Department of Health and Human Services and will potentially provide a one stop shop for people requiring housing form Active and/or other low cost housing providers.