Eligibility for Housing

Tenancies are based on eligibility criteria and the completion of standard application forms.

Active endeavour to make houses into homes for all tenants.

You are eligible to apply to Active for housing if you have a disability and:

  • Receive or are in the process of receiving Centrelink benefits
  • Are eligible for Office of Housing accommodation
  • Are disadvantaged and are on a low income

Assisting potential applicants to complete their application:

Active staff will assist potential applicants when applying for Active housing if required. You can also have someone else make an enquiry about an application on your behalf, this might be a family worker, friend or a support or referral service.

  • Applications for Housing will be on a Standard Application for Housing form. The application form is provided to the applicant by Active workers or can be downloaded form this website
  • All Active staff will abide by the Information Privacy Act at all times when handling your personal information
  • Once an application is completed, the application form and any associated documents are presented at a team meeting for final confirmation of eligibility or ineligibility
  • A letter will be sent to all successful applicants advising them of the outcome of their application
  • A letter will be sent to unsuccessful applicants explaining the complaints and appeals process to enable the enactment of the right to appeal or make complaints on request