Rent Arrears Policy

Active is a not for profit registered housing provider that provides community housing to people with a disability and other disadvantaged people who are on a low income. Our aim is to provide suitable, secure and affordable accommodation.

Most of the funding for the services Active provides comes from the rents tenants pay. When tenants do not pay rent there is less money available to fund the provision of services for tenants.

Active has two views on tenants who are in rent arrears and it is dependant upon whether the tenant keeps us informed of any difficulties they are having in paying their rent and whether the tenant keeps their agreement with us with respect to any payment arrangements.

What happens when you can’t pay your rent and you let us know?

We understand that at times it is difficult to pay the rent when other bills also need paying. If you are having financial difficulties you should contact us so that we can come to an agreement for rent owing to be paid off over time or the next time you get paid.

  • If you make arrangements with us and stick to them, we will not take any action
  • If you do not stick to the agreement we will take action as described below.
What happens when you can’t pay your rent and you don’t let us know?

If you do not pay all or part of your rent and do not let us know, we will do one of two things depending on how much rent you owe.

  • If you owe less than 2 weeks rent you will receive a letter asking you to contact the office to make arrangements to pay the outstanding amount. If you still do not contact or pay the amount you owe we may take formal action at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.
  • If you owe more than 2 weeks rent we may send you a Notice to Vacate form asking you to vacate by a particular date because you owe more than 2 weeks rent.
  • If you contact us before the date on the form and arrange to pay the rent you owe we will not take any further action unless you do not stick to your agreement.
  • If you do not contact us and make an arrangement to pay the rent and do not move out by the date on the form we will then make an application for a hearing at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal to ask for a possession order allowing us to take back your property.
  • You will be sent copies of the application for the hearing and will be notified by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal of the date and time of the hearing.
  • A possession order allows Active to ask the Police to evict you from the property. Before this occurs you will be given one last opportunity to pay your rent. If you continue to make regular payments Active will not use the possession order.


If you are having trouble managing your rent we can help you to arrange having your rent automatically deducted from you Centrelink payment so that your rent is paid regularly.

If you are having trouble making your rent payments, contact us to discuss your options.