Active Community Housing 2017 Tenant Quality Survey Results

Each year Active commissions an independent confidential tenant survey. The survey asks our tenants to tell us how satisfied they are with our services.

The survey includes 12 questions and lots of opportunity for comments. The 2017 tenant quality achieved survey responses from 24% of tenants and residents (28% in 2016).

Here’s a quick snapshot of the results:

86% 83% 94% 86%
Average satisfaction with Active’s housing and other services across 12 survey questions (89% in 2016) Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance (86% in 2016) Happy with Active’s work (93% in 2016) Questions and problems answered (89% in 2016)

Active Tenants have a high level of satisfaction with the services they receive from Active in the Melbourne & Victorian regions, which is comparable to or better than national and state benchmarks related to most of the questions asked of tenants.