Partnership Services

Active provides or manages housing and our partners provide a range of support services to ensure tenants who have disabilities can live independently in the community. In many cases partners provide the housing which Active manages. The following information is available for our current and potential partner organisations.

The aim of our partnership work is to provide great outcomes for residents living in community housing, rooming house and shared supported accommodation dwellings (also known as CRUs) across Victoria. People we support generally:

  • Have very limited pension incomes;
  • Spend considerable time within their homes; and
  • The quality of the partner support staff and the quality of their dwellings, managed by Active, can be key definers of their quality of life.

Active and our partners take this responsibility very seriously both in our commitment to people with disabilities and in our business practice which aims to secure the best outcome available within the funds provided through the rents paid by our clients. These rents paid by people with disabilities must be used wisely:

  • To provide a high quality 24 hour per day 365 days per year responsive maintenance, white goods, furnishings, planned maintenance, OH&S and equipment upkeep and related services;
  • To generate funds to be used for remedy works and upgrades to keep these properties in good condition for their required life cycle;
  • To meet the funding conditions and manage the property risks which vary from funding contract to funding contract;
  • To strategically plan for the most efficient use of the portfolio;
  • To seek funding opportunities to expand upgrade funds and/or develop new properties to grow the desperately needed stock of housing for people with disabilities;
  • Service quality control though: Tenant Reference Group, Annual Tenant Survey, tenant newsletters;
  • Tenants activities provided and funded by Active eg football, musical theatre, cirque de Soleil etc
  • Advocacy and professional representation within to advance the position of tenants, partner agencies and Active with respect expanding housing resources available to this tenant group.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch via our enquiry form.