Active Partnership Framework

Our partnership relationships are managed within a complicated and highly regulated stakeholder environment. This includes oversight from the Victorian Housing Registrar, tenant preferences and requirements, family, advocates, house support staff OH&S, NDIS regulations, DHHS Office of Housing and Disability Services requirements. The reporting regime varies from program to program and includes Commonwealth and Victorian reporting undertaken by Active and/or partner with input from Active.

Active operates on a portfolio system so each property is consistently managed by:

  • A specified Maintenance Officer who handles responsive maintenance requests which can be organised without the need to visit the property to review proposed works; and
  • Housing Officer, who visits property, knows clients and staff, undertakes regular audit inspections, manages larger jobs, attends property to meet with trades and review proposed works and manages any larger works and conducts quality inspections of completed works

Partnership Framework Documents:

Each partnership is unique although built on a standard framework suite of documents which include all or some of:

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • List of agreed services
  • Transition process when taking on new partner properties for management
  • Delegations document which covers partner staff and Active staff)
  • KPM report document monthly
  • Finance Reports format monthly
  • House maintenance procedures manual (individually tailored for each house as required)