Portfolio Management

Active’s services have broadened to include strategic consideration of the portfolio development, major upgrade works, advice of new developments, costing up for minor works and other funding rounds, working on behalf of partners within various Victorian DHS regional and central structures as well as Commonwealth FaCHSIA bureaucracies. This includes using Active’s consultants, architects and quantity surveyors to concept design and cost up development projects for funding applications and upgrades.

Active uses the Assestic MyData and MyPredictor strategic asset management which provides:

  • MyData asset management and property maintenance system providing all features of day to day maintenance management, property audit inspections, all property records, warranties, floor plans etc.
  • MyPredictor long term 0 – 25 years asset and financial model planning for properties down to individual space (room) basis. This tool operates on sophisticated algorithms allowing projections of outcomes which can be varied and modelled instantly according to projected funding availability, and objective standard desired for the property. This predictive tool also allows for modelling to show savings made in responsive maintenance expenditure as greater effort is put into planned upgrade maintenance.
  • Active Web portal feature allowing all partners in real time to access to all property records, works, warranties, plans etc and request works and selected myPredictor reports. This is a high end asset management and prediction system not generally available in community housing or disability support services.
  • All properties model for 25 years future works and finance modelling report available to partners for joint development of a strategic plan for the portfolio including specified property standards, spend and replacement schedule.

The Commonwealth Government have recognised the opportunity this development offers to our sector. They have provided a research and commercialisation grant for Assetic who will work with Active to improve the applicability of this technology to community housing and aged care sectors. Partners will have an opportunity to have input to this process to be completed by October 2013.