Property Audits

This a key element of providing high quality accommodation to tenants and efficiently preserving the effective life span of the property portfolio.  Active uses Assetic myData iPad based application to annually undertake a full property audit.  This feeds back into the myData system providing a full house inspection details by:

  • Functional space (ie each internal room or outdoor space)
  • Condition of each element eg painting, carpet, windows, power outlets, walls, floor, ceiling etc including remaining life, next renewal (eg paint) and replacement / renewal cost
  • Update of any new items not already reported.

This information highlights any immediately required works or reschedules works previously identified and planned by assessing condition eg carpets, painting, heating / cooling etc. This information is available to our partners nia Active web portal.

This data then updates myPredictor the software tool used to plan maintenance, upgrades and finances across the portfolio. This information can be updated as required and in real time Active and partner can know: standard of properties by room, alter benchmark standards and know future liability to keep properties to condition set by partner, Disability Services Act, Housing Registrar or various funding contracts.

This information is critical to deliver quality housing to tenants and to provision for the considerable maintenance requirement and funding contract requirements over the lifecycle of all shared supported accommodation properties.

This readily accessible information means Active and partners are in a strong position to respond to funding opportunities including minor works grants which may become available with short response timelines.