Quality & Reporting

Active takes the time to know the circumstance of each community housing, rooming house or shared supported accommodation (CRU) dwelling we manage for our partners. This includes the property, tenants and staffs both regional ad head office. We need to know the needs of individual clients including their ability to cope with noise, likely interaction behaviours with trade etc in order to schedule and choose appropriate trades and contractors. We do this by:

  • Shared policies, procedures and delegations as per Active maintenance guidelines tailored and provided to each specific house
  • Quality phone checks for all jobs
  • Quality inspections for 1 in 20 jobs
  • Annual Active tenant (advocate) quality survey
  • Meeting with all clients and in some cases families when transitioning new properties to Active management
  • All contractors under Active contractors agreement including work cover, accreditation and insurance documentation checks
  • Monthly maintenance and finance reports to partner head office
  • KPMs reporting (draft)
  • Six monthly regional meetings between Active Operations Manager, Tenant Worker and partner Team Leaders, Area Managers, Regional Managers etc
  • Regular meetings and contact partner contract manager
  • Six monthly visits to each CRU by Housing Officers
  • DLM, annual audit and other reporting