August 5, 2013

chris-ceo2Welcome to the first Active Update, a new e-newsletter that will keep you informed about Active’s work providing housing for people with disabilities and others who require support to live in the community. We will be publishing this newsletter quarterly to highlight the housing issues that affect people with disabilities and how Active is working to help them.

Chris Glennen - Active Community Housing CEO

Chris Glennen – Active Community Housing CEO

The Board and staff of the organisation are working on a number of important projects to provide more housing to those in need and build our capacity to help people with disabilities, our partner organisations and government in the future.

Current projects include:

  • Housing projects for people who require shared supported housing in Whittlesea and Bendigo;
  • Assetic maintenance and asset management software to improve our day-to-day maintenance service and long-term planned asset management. The system includes direct web portal access for partner organisation staff to request and follow up on maintenance, as well as 25-year property management plans – right down to the room space and element level;
  • Moving our Director of Housing stock over to a general lease so that Active can be fully responsible for the tenancy, maintenance and long-term planning for these dwellings; and
  • Greater stakeholder communication through new web, tenant and partner newsletters as we prepare our company to grow to meet the opportunities and challenges that the National Disability Insurance Scheme presents for Victorians with disabilities.
  • Active was established in 1998 to provide community housing for people with disabilities, as well as to offer tenancy and property management services to government, local government and non-government organisations that provide support and training services to people with disabilities. Our partners across Victoria can then do what they do best – provide support for their clients – without having to divert vital resources to the time-consuming and often difficult task of property management.

The Active Board and staff are passionate about providing affordable and appropriate housing to people with a disability, working closely with our community partners to provide secure long-term tenancies for our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about Active, or wish to work with us to address the housing failure experienced by many people with disabilities and deliver secure, low-cost housing with support that makes independent community living a reality.

Chris Glennan
CEO, Active Community Housing